Toys R Us CEO David Brandon Interview

Toys R Us CEO David Brandon on the connection between their e-commerce sales and their physical stores 

“They work together.  If we close a store, we see a declination in the amount of digital participation in that market.  That digital customer likes the satisfaction that comes from I know where that store is, I know who I can talk to if I need help, and I know I can take the item back if there is a problem.  So there is a sense of a hand and glove opportunity.  Here in the US we have about 850 stores.  We take advantage of that and the brand statement that it makes when a customer drives by our store.  It also provides us a local ship point from which we can ship from the stores.”

Toys R Us CEO David Brandon on how they plan to compete with Amazon

“The thesis that we have is that there is a place for specialty retail.  We are not going to live in a world where everyone is going to buy everything off of a screen.  There going to want to touch it, feel it, and interact with it.  We certainly know that from the standpoint from a baby product.  The mom wants to look up all the information online but then she ultimately wants to go touch and compare the products in store and you can’t do that from looking at a screen.”



Source: Fortune Interview July 12, 2016