Royal Bank of Scotland at Barclays Conference Notes

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“we are coming close to the finish line [on the restructuring]”

“Group funded assets have fallen 46% to £840 billion over the last four years…Group loan-to-deposit ratio has fallen to 96% with core at 88%.”

“We have clearly incurred significant losses in Ireland over the past several years, but the trend is improving. Underlying credit conditions in Ireland continue to show gradual improvement, as the economy and asset values have stabilized. ”

” up to this point in the plan, we have achieved almost all of our key milestones. These include reducing the government’s support for the Group, such as funding and liquidity report, exiting the APS. We turned back on the preference share coupons, and we complied with all of our EC mandated behaviors. We have completed two out of the four EC mandated divestitures”