General Motors (GM) President Dan Ammann and Lyft CEO John Zimmer Interview

GM President Dan Ammann says customer preference of their product is evolving

“In the last year or two, we’ve started to see a fundamental change in the behavior of our customers and the way they want to consume car based transportation.  That is why we formed the alliance earlier this year with Lyft to get ahead of those changes.  We think ride sharing is interesting.  We think autonomous driving is interesting.  But where it gets really interesting is when you put these 2 changes together.”

Lyft CEO John Zimmer on why he decided to partner with GM

“GM is the largest car manufacturer in the United States.  We always think about treating our drivers better than any other company, it’s a big reason we’ve doubled our market share in the last year.  And what that means is when drivers have an option to go get a car on lease from another company, we said what is the best possible scenario for the driver?  It would be getting vehicles from the source, it would be charging the lowest rates, and it would be making it completely flexible.  And we wouldn’t be able to do that without a partner like GM.”




Source: Fortune Interview July 11, 2016