Suntrust 4Q14 Earnings Call Notes

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Energy hasn’t been that much of our loan growth

“From a capital markets perspective and really also loan growth perspective, I mean energy has been an important part of what we do, we don’t want to under mine that, but it’s been sort of less than 10% of our loan growth. And the fee part of the business has been pretty consistent over the last several years. So this is not something that’s been disproportionately part of the fee income business.”

Our consumers are going to see a benefit about the size of a tax refund

“As it relates to the consumer side I mean I think you sort of hit it accurately I mean relative to given the fact that we’re not in a lot of the geographic markets that are going to be impacted more by a fall in oil prices well our consumers will see sort of that increase in tax refund equivalent of fall in oil prices.”

It may be a little early but we’ll probably see a small positive

“Have we seen it yet, I mean it might be too early I mean I’ve looked closely at spending numbers and a credit card numbers and those kinds of things while they’re marginally up its might be a little bit early to sort of see the total impact of that, but I have to believe that over the course of the year we’ll see the most positive side for us arching much more towards the consumer side than the risk on the energy side”

There are pockets where multifamily has gotten a little spottier

“On the multifamily side it’s a little spottier and fairness I mean there is some markets that we do a lot of work with some markets where the absorption balance is just right. Globally it’s still okay, but their pockets were, we’ve gone from green to yellow in our map. And we are probably pulling back in a couple of places in multifamily.”

Haven’t seen any stress among our energy clients, but it seemed prudent to increase our provision

“So the increase in provision is in that context, we haven’t seen any stress amongst any of our clients in that portfolio so far, it’s still early, but we haven’t seen any yet, but we’re just trying to do the prudent thing and get ahead of what looks to be like a big move globally.”