Pandora 3Q15 Earnings Call Notes

Pandora Media’s (P) CEO Brian McAndrews on Q3 2015 Results

The impact of Apple music on our listening hours was muted

“I am pleased to say that, given the scale of press and consumer attention on this launch, the impact on our active users and listening hours was muted and was, in fact, consistent with what we experienced during the launch of Apple’s radio service in 2013.”

Bought Ticketfly

“Founded in 2008 by Ticketfly CEO Andrew Dreskin, a pioneer in online ticketing, Ticketfly has become a major force in the live events industry. This year, Ticketfly was named one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies in Music” with an average of 14 million people visiting and its network of client sites each month.

In 2014, Ticketfly sold 16 million tickets to more than 90,000 live events, generating more than $500 million in gross transaction value and crossing the $1 billion mark in cumulative gross transaction value. Ticketfly provides ticketing and marketing software for approximately 1,200 leading venues and event promoters across North America and powers more than 600 websites on behalf of its clients, making it the leading provider of website technology to the live events industry.”

Consumers try new technologies in an evolving marketplace

“In an evolving marketplace, consumers try new technologies and experiment with other services, and we would naturally expect ebbs and flows in active users and hours as we grow our category leadership.”

Launched brand campaign including on TV

“we also launched our new brand campaign with the theme “the next song matters” across multiple media channels, including, for the first time, television. We view our direct marketing as an investment to engage current and lapsed listeners, as well as attract new listeners in the short-term.”

The competitive landscape has changed a lot in two years

“the landscape is very different this year than it was two years ago when iTunes Radio launched. There are more players in the market and more people offering free music and free trials and discounted trials and all kinds of stuff”