A New Paradigm


Investors face a common problem


Few investors want to spend the time and energy required to monitor a portfolio of investments, but your savings is too important to set and forget.



Advisor allocation funds are the solution


Advisor allocation funds are the best way to put your savings in the hands of expert investors in a time and cost effective manner.



What are advisor allocation funds?


Avondale has established six specific criteria that define an advisor allocation fund. Funds that meet these criteria are the only funds that can holistically match the investment values and objectives of a typical household:

  • Management is accessible and shares your values
  • Manager is personally invested in the portfolio
  • Benchmarked to absolute, not relative returns
  • Flexible asset allocation mandate
  • Tax Sensitive/Low turnover
  • No derivatives, No shorting, No leverage



Why use a portfolio of advisor allocation funds?


1) Better Diversification

If you only use one advisor, your portfolio depends on the asset allocation decision of only one person. If you create a portfolio using multiple advisor allocation funds, it is as if you have hired multiple advisors.


2) Have your portfolio managed by investment experts

The investment world is complex and constantly changing, and investing requires significant expertise. Advisor allocation funds are managed by investors who are dedicated to finding great investment opportunities.


3) Save time without compromising the safety of your portfolio

So-called “passive” portfolios are the equivalent of putting your portfolio on auto-pilot. Use advisor allocation funds to create the same low-maintenance portfolio but with the benefit of human judgment.




Avondale can choose advisor allocation funds for you


Because of a unique operating structure, we can offer our fund selection services at very low cost. If you are an individual investor, Avondale will choose advisor allocation funds for you for just 0.35% per year. If you are an advisor, Avondale will partner with you to choose advisor allocation funds for your clients for free.


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