Netflix at UBS Conference Notes

Ted Sarandos – Chief Content Officer

30 original series

“We have 30 original scripted series now in different stages of production, which is a doubling on last year, which is a doubling on the year before.”

Going to grow to 1000 hours

“Well we said we’re going to grow out to a 1000 hours. I think that’s a conservative measure as of right now. You see we’re another doubling of our series output and very high profit shows. In January we’re releasing Lemony Snicket in The Unfortunate Series Of Events, which is also produced in Netflix Studio from a right sale that we purchased from the book series, and are doing are great series based on with Neil Patrick Harris in lead, and it’s this is the kind of – and if it was a movie, it’d be a big movie. One of those kinds of projects.”

Take measured swings for the fences

“I think people try to hedge their bets a little bit by going, swinging for the fences every time. What we try to do is take really measured swings for the fences if that’s possible, which is with known creators with a great idea, in many cases with a great script. So in the case of The Crown, I think betting on Stephen Daldry and Peter Morgan to make a story about the royal family was a pretty proven bet. And the fact that we would do it on the scale that we are able to actually increased the odds of success versus raise the risk on that.”

Unscripted TV is interesting

” I think that unscripted television is a very interesting business. The content itself appears to be largely interchangeable, meaning that if you want to watch a show about hoarding, there’s three different shows about hoarding that you can watch, and people watch it with seemingly equal passion when you swamp them out. And what we could do by producing our own is focus on the shows that are more likely to travel internationally because we have seen that from the thing that we licensed.”

Partnering with networks on shows

“we’re following a path that we set out on a few years ago, which is to kind of move up the food chain in those productions. So be less likely to be an aftermarket buyer at many screening and more likely to be a co-production partner with the networks. Again when Les comes up in a few minutes, he can talk to you about the Star Trek series that he is premiering – they’re producing, they’re going to have the first one on CBS and then the show will air on all access in the US only and then it will premiere on Netflix everywhere else in the world. And our co-production dollars help make that a much bigger and better show for us and for CBS.”