Microsoft FY 3Q17 Earnings Call Notes

Satya Nadella – Microsoft Corp.

What’s happening at the edge is the most exciting part of cloud

“when everyone’s talking about the cloud, the most interesting part is the edge of the cloud. Whether it’s IoT, whether it’s the auto industry, whether it’s what’s happening in retail, essentially compute is going where the data gets generated, and increasingly data is getting generated at the volumes in which it’s drawing compute to it, which is the edge. So if you look even at our announcements over this quarter, a lot of what we have done with IoT is create an IoT edge. Of course, we have an amazing cloud with the SaaS services for IoT, but the edge compute, the ability to run a neural network at the edge, do inferences at the edge is exciting. Azure Stack is going to completely change what hybrid is and the expectations customers have with hybrid.”

Time to move CRM and ERP to the cloud but those are old concepts anyways

“But we do have a huge on-premise base. There is still a need for those on-premise products. That will continue, but our focus is on transitioning to the cloud. And you’ve seen us do this successfully with Office 365. You’ve seen us do that with Azure. And now we’re ready to do that mainstream across what has been traditionally known as CRM and ERP without in fact us thinking and talking about those suites because we think that is a pretty old concept to have suites like that, which is we have now really made the entire Dynamics 365 much more modular, modern, and much more efficient for customers. So that’s what’s happening in Dynamics.”