Microsoft at JP Morgan Conference Notes

Chris Capossela

We are not focused on trying to be the cool kid

“I would say that for us, the most important thing is to really get people to understand that Microsoft is not really focused on trying to be a cool kid. We are not focused on some of the things that I think our tech competitors focus on. We are really about empowerment. ”

We market what we have instead of any visionary future

“we try to market what we have as opposed to any visionary future. I am never a huge fan of marketing stuff that people can’t that can go use. And so it’s one thing to do a sexy demo or give a speech that you have some far-off vision that people get excited about. But I don’t think you market those things. I think those are used at important moments in time. The marketing has to be about telling how companies can do better than they are doing today using your stuff. So we really try to focus on what’s possible today.”

We know how to deal with enterprise

“I certainly think that the track record that we have in the enterprise plays well to Microsoft’s strength. The account teams that we have calling on large enterprises. The fact that most are running their email through our cloud and email, believe it or not, has become just this incredibly important line of business system and we have many, many CEOs telling me, hey, I can deal with an SAP outage, I can’t deal with an email outage for a second. So you have to have, 99.999%, five nines isn’t enough for your email system. I think having that track record and that relationship where customers trust us, they know there are going to be mistakes made, but they trust us to respond to those mistakes really well”

Customers want balance between MSFT and AWS

“I also speak to lots of companies that are on AWS and they tell me the today 90% of my spend in the cloud is AWS and only 10% of it is on Azure and I already have a goal to make that 50-50. And that has actually nothing to do with, they believe in us more, they literally just want balance of trade. They literally just want the ability to sort of say, hey, it’s going to be better for my company if I use multiple vendors here and obviously a given that Amazon is in the top spot and we are in the same spot, we have a lot of headroom from simply playing balance of trade across the cloud.”