Kilroy at Bank of America Conference

Rob Paratte

Everybody is guessing where Amazon will put its second HQ

“I personally think, and I don’t know – I don’t have any insider information, but I personally think the second headquarters would be either Denver, Austin, but I think there’s a strong possibility it could be here on the East Coast. ”

Tyler Rose

CRE pricing remains strong

“we’re seeing maintained high level of competition for the trophy assets, Class A properties like we own. San Francisco 222 Second traded at around the 4% cap. That’s $1,200 – low $1,200 a foot. L.A., there is a couple buildings on the West Side, they’re on the market now. I don’t know exactly whether price is going to come in on those. And then moving down to San Diego Diamond View Tower, which is in downtown San Diego, near the ballpark traded about a week ago, going in high 4s, like 4.7%, $675 a foot. And there’s a building in Del Mar, which is our largest submarket. It’s in Ashgrove 4.5% going in yield. So prices are strong. In San Diego, we’re seeing 50 to 100 basis points over San Francisco spreads.”