Jinko Solar 4Q12 Earnings Call Notes

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$JKS Earnings Call Notes

“I think it’s a good question because today in China the solar industry I think is only in the consolidation but also is a faced challenge and the over capacity as faced challenged by the market demand and also inside China you can see one of the competitive and Suntech I think you can see that is going out restructuring, so all these I think definitely were effect to the whole industry. I think the government were now in the much, the new government has said I think they are aware of the situation right now. I think the government were to take I think two steps, I think one step is to increase the domestic demand to streamline the policy, I think also to possible to increase the potential demand especially like two steps I think subsidized in the eastern area of China as all these policy I think it will increase the demand. Second also I think the government has put more attention to is to restructuring consolidation in these industry the own capacity issue. So as you can see that of course today every solar company has faced banking in think the lower facility typing but we do think you know Jinko is one of them the banking I think if you like to priority to support as you can see we just got 60 megawatts of solar projects (inaudible) 360 million from China Development Bank.”

“Let me add that in the short time obviously all the industry is impacted by these bad news for the industry. Whoever we were expecting these consolidation and in the long term it’s a good news for the survival we strongly believe that Jinko solar is one of the company’s who will survive”

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