IBM at Morgan Stanley Conference Notes

Deborah DiSanzo – General Manager of IBM, Watson Health

Need scale to collect data for AI

“artificial intelligence is not easy, so you need to have the scale in the resources to be able to do it. I think when I think about our advantages, I do think that we took the IBM crowd and we really did make it medical grade and we’ve spent a lot of time — it’s not just having the data because now everybody comes and says to me, so many million records, but it’s like what is the quality of those records; have you curated them? Have you cleaned them? They’re ready to put — are they ready to do something important. 10 years, 65 AI services specified for help. IBM knows the work that went into that, tremendous amount of work and then finally our collaborations have gotten so much more rich, though fundamentally if you do good work for your clients and partners then you get to do more good work. “