IBM 2Q17 Earnings Call Notes

Martin Schroeter

The cognitive opportunity is a global one

“The cognitive opportunity is a global one, it’s not centered in New York or Boston or Silicon Valley; but you can’t just look and listen in those places. In healthcare alone, you’d miss that this quarter the first healthcare provider in Latin America is deploying Watson for oncology, and Baheal Pharmaceutical Group is bringing Watson for genomics to clinicians across China. In fact, 80% of the hospitals who’ve adopted Watson for oncology are outside of the U.S., and that’s just healthcare, we have Watson deployed with other leaders like Berdasco [ph], Honda and Vodafone as well. So across industries and around the world our clients realize that data, in fact their own data is the route of competitive advantage for all companies.”

80% of the world’s data is not searchable on the worldwide web

“80% of the worlds data is owned by enterprises, it’s not searchable on the worldwide web, it’s customer data, and patient data, clinical data, supply chain data, transaction data and companies want to unlock and exploit that data; and so that’s why enterprises will move to cognitive on the cloud with someone they trust who has leading tools and industry expertise and a data model and business model consistent with their goals, that is the IBM cloud plus Watson.”

IBM cloud built for enterprise

“Clients are moving to the IBM cloud because it’s built for the enterprise and can optimize workloads across hybrid environments. The underline architecture protects our clients data and insights and is optimized for cognitive workloads to help our clients create new business models. The American Airlines example I referenced earlier is a great example where we’re building on the partnership we signed last year. American Airlines announced this quarter they will move to the IBM cloud and use it as the foundation for their digital transformation. They will migrate critical applications including, their customer facing mobility app and their global network of kiosks.”