Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Q2 2017

Meg Whitman – CEO

Strong demand for datacenter care

“We’re also seeing strong demand for our datacenter care as customers look to consolidate their datacenter footprints and flexible capacity, which delivers cloudlike consumption models with on premises solutions.”

They have a new prototype with powerful memory

“in May, we announced the latest milestone in our machine research projects, a powerful prototype that connects 160 terabytes of memory to 1,280 processor cores. In other words, an amount of memory that would hold 80,000 human genomes and simultaneously run anomaly detection algorithms on every core and while this is impressive, the most exciting thing about this milestone is that it demonstrates the ability to scale the architecture to a potentially limitless pool of memory, which is the secret to delivering scientific breakthroughs, industry-changing innovation or life altering technology for the mountains of data we create every day.”

Tim Stonesifer – EVP and CFO

A general outlook

“…we continue to see competitive pricing and a challenging commodities environment….The pricing environment was also increasingly difficult and hindered our ability to raise prices as an offset. We anticipate the impact from commodities will remain significant in the near-term”