Ford September Sales Call Notes

Mark LaNeve

Feeling good about inventory position

We’re pretty well balanced as we have been. We were pretty consistent with our overall viewpoint with inventory and have never felt we were on the high side this year, but actually if you dig into our numbers, we’re pretty consistent with where we we’re in ’15, 2015 where we felt we were actually a touch lean as we were building up stock going the new F-150 back at that time.

So, we feel good about our inventory position. We’re running out of months some days to build vehicles for 2017, but we’ll obviously balance supply to demand, but we would certainly be looking into leaning into giving some more production at this point over the next six-month period and now less just based on our current day supply.

Used vehicle pricing stabilizing

“The used vehicle pricing has been very stable over the last I guess call it 8 to 10 weeks now Colin and in fact taking up slightly depending on the segment very, very stable. We did see some positive uplift down in the hurricane-affected areas that was a little greater the national that will equalize over time.”