Dow Longest Winning Streaks of All Time

The Dow finished up five points today, which was just barely good enough to give the index its 9th straight daily gain.  Since 1900 there have been nearly 31,000 trading days, but a daily streak of 10+ days has only happened 20 times.

The longest streak of all time was in 1987 when the index was up 13 days in a row.  However, there was a period in 1927 when the $DJIA came close to making it to a 21 day streak:  two 10 day streaks were broken up by just one 0.04% down day.

As far as gains go, the most recent streak has been a bit of a yawner compared to the others.  On average the Dow has gained 6.3% in a 10 day+ streak.  The recent streak has only seen a 2.8% increase.  For reference, the average decline on the day the streak was broken was 0.44%, and there have been 20 other 9 day streaks which never made it to the 10th day.

Dow Longest Winning Streaks:

Longest Dow Daily Gain Streak

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