Comerica 2Q17 Earnings Call Notes

Ralph Babb

I think our customers are cautious given Washington

“I think what happens is our customers continue to be very cautious and especially in the way they invest and for the time that they invest in other words they may invest what they need per year to meet demand, but they are not going out as far as they used to go.”

Curtis Farmer

We are expecting growth

“But the rest of the portfolio, we are expecting growth. And so core middle market our technology and life sciences business, private banking, we’re seeing some growth in environmental services some of our larger businesses, our corporate banking U.S. banking for example. So really across the majority of our business lines, we are expecting growth toward the balance of the year. And I think you saw that reflected in the second quarter results. We had growth across all three of our middle markets led by California.”

Pete Guilfoile

CRE credit quality has been pristine

“As far as the credit quality within commercial real estate has been pristine. And so we have one relatively large credit that we did downgrade and this past quarter we have absolutely no concerns about the ability to repay. But there is certain things that have happened on it that require us to downgrade it, but we feel very good about the asset, we feel very good about the sponsorship and we do not feel there is any risk or loss there. And as far as the strength of our commercial real estate portfolios, it’s performing extremely well.”