Colgate at Barclays Conference Notes

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Analytics drives innovation

“an area that I have talked about before which drives innovation is analytics, and we believe that analytics is a competence for the 21st century. We have the data. The question is, how do you aggregate it, cleanse it, interrogate it and use it quickly to drive action either in the development of innovation or the execution of programs behind innovation around the world. And we have a very simple approach to analysis. The first is building a foundation, which we call get ready, standardizing the fundamentals of analytics so that you can free up time for the more powerful what ifs, and then leveraging those analytics to fundamentally accelerate growth on the ground, all supported by a robust analytics capability driven by technology.”

Emerging markets still provide a lot of growth opportunity

“The developing world, an area where there is a lot of discussion. Overall, the markets are still vibrant. If you look at the macros, while slowing, they still outpace obviously the developed world. The underlying population dynamics are of course encouraging for our consumer products, the business in terms of how the world population is projected to grow and where the bulk of that growth, nearly 95% of it, is going to come from. And with that growth in population, you see rising per capita income, which brings people into our categories and brings people into the middle class where they enter our categories. And if you take the long view, our growth in the emerging markets has been good”