Cisco Systems’ (CSCO) Q4 2017 Earnings

Charles Robbins – CEO

Cyber attacks have increased

“the 90% increase in cyber-attacks against IoT devices over the last year”

Currency headwinds in the UK

“On the UK, if you go back to Q3, we talked about it being significantly down and one of the primary drivers was the headwind created by currency. In Q4, what I’ll tell you is that headwind from currency remained, it did not ease up….I’ll say one final thing on the UK: while enterprise and commercial we saw a good uptick, service provider remained about the same.”

Orders improving

“In general, I think if you just look at our order rates that we released today, we went from Q3 negative four to flat in Q4. So clear that we saw improvement there.”

Kelly Kramer – EVP & CFO

Inventory is up

“A large majority of the inventory increase is driven by memory advanced purchases. So that protects us in for a large portion but we also have been as I mentioned in the lack — we’ve also been securing and committing to our purchase commitments for even more access to supply that also will ensure that we have the supply albeit perhaps at higher prices if they continue to rise.”