Cisco at Bank of America Conference Notes

David Ulevitch – SVP and GM, Security Business

Security is a top priority

” would start out with the market, which is that security remains our customers’ number one priority. So, it’s not the kind of topic that shows up in the board room once a year for an update, it’s on the permanent agenda of every major company around the world and I think that customers are looking for to figure out, who can help them really actually make sense of the IT landscape that they are now operating in.”

The IT landscape has changed dramatically over the last 25 years

“That IT landscape is dramatically different than the one we’ve had over the last 25 years, right. So people work outside the office. They’re using all kinds of devices, often times their own devices. They are using cloud services. They are adopting public pods. So, the IT surface is dramatically different and they need help securing that ”

2020 is not that far off

“I used to say by 2020. But then I go — I realized people don’t know when 2020 is, they think that’s like way off from the future. So now you say again three years ”

Customers are demanding consolidation of endpoint agents

“So, today the endpoint market is super interesting because it’s a barbell distribution. You have Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micro, they own more than half the market in the endpoint, after that, it’s a total cats and dogs, nobody has more than any — like a couple — maybe a couple low-single digits in market share and there’s nobody that has a meaningful position there, and yet we see the amount of spend happening in the endpoint increasing. We have customers that are demanding consolidation of endpoint agents.”

AWS is incredible

“So I think that Amazon, first of all AWS is incredible, we use AWS at Cisco, we use a bunch of the other cloud offerings as well. And what you’ll find is they built an incredible sort of APIs, for customers to take advantage of, but that also creates to our complexity and in fact that’s not necessarily their core competence. So they’re still looking. That’s what I talked about with the firewall, even though the Amazon provide APIs to drive essentially security policies, the glue is in the tools to enable us at a very complicated and they’re just primitives and they’re world class primitives, but they’re just the primitives.”