Celgene’s CEO Presents at JP Morgan Conference Notes


Bob Hugin

Macro doesn’t effect our industry, where scientific advances are meaningful

I was thinking about this whole mission and vision when Carlos was speaking and the year is off to a somewhat challenging start with the implications of concerns about the transformation of the Chinese economy and the reverberations in equity markets. But I do have to tell you that I don’t think those reverberations and those short-term implications can mask the underlying strength of our industry. The type of scientific advances are accelerating and are meaningful.”

It is no doubt the dawning of the decade of molecular biology and information technology

“The impact on patients over the next decade, we think about this coming decade, it is no doubt the decade or the dawning of the decade of — the impact of molecular biology combined with information technology.”

Building a good pipeline is about understanding where you have a competitive advantage

“it’s all based on the focus on internal excellence. Understand where you have competitive advantage. And we think we have great expertise internally in cancer stem cells, immuno oncology, epigenetics, protein homeostasis, immunology generally, and with the context of next generation biologics, modalities being applied to all of those areas.”

Important to work with external partners too

“when we put out pipeline together internal and external, it’s more than double what it would be if we were focused on these exciting areas of technological promise alone. But its not just it — of in terms of just an additive, it is synergistic and the probability of success for all of us is greater because we work together. We have high expectations in 2016 in advancing this pipeline. ”

Dynamic companies don’t just manage their portfolios, they lead

“Dynamic companies don’t just manage their portfolios, but they lead, and they challenge their leaders, and they challenge their teams. They stretch their teams. They stretch their leaders. And they also capitalize on the incredible strength and experiences of their leaders”