Campbells Soup FY 4Q17 Earnings Call Notes

Denise Morrison

Yes these are challenging times

“Yes, I think that the – again, as I said, I think the retailer environment right now is hypercompetitive. I mean, you’ve got the Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods, the expansion of Leadle and Aldie, creating some new retail formats and some escalated competition in the marketplace.= However, I’m optimistic that retail continues to morph. I mean, I remember and I’m going way back when club stores and supercenters were a new format. And the retailer market and companies like ours adjust to that. So we’re really focused on making our brands accessible in multiple channels, and we believe that the new sales design that we have will help us in that effort. So, yes, I do think these are challenging times. And I do think that, as the consumer changes, retailers will change with the consumer and we’ve got to do the same.”

Anthony Di Silvestro

Expecting sales down 0-2%

“Now, I’ll review our 2018 outlook. We expect sales to change by minus 2% to 0%, adjusted EBIT to change by minus 1% to plus 1% and adjusted EPS to change by 0% to plus 2%. This guidance assumes that the impact of currency translation will be nominal. We are forecasting sales growth in both Global Biscuits and Snacks and Campbell Fresh. However, we expect sales in Americas Simple Meals and Beverages to decline.”