Apple CEO Tim Cook on Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Bloomberg BusinessWeek

AR is the future

“The first step in making (Augmented Reality) a mainstream kind of experience is to put it in the operating system. We’re building it into iOS 11, opening it to ­developers—and unleashing the creativity of millions of people. Even we can’t predict what’s going to come out….You’ll see things happening in enterprises where AR is ­fundamental to what they’re doing. You’re going to see some consumer things that are unbelievably cool. Can we do everything we want to do now? No. The technology’s not complete yet. But that’s the beauty to a certain degree. This has a runway. And it’s an incredible runway. It’s time to put the seat belt on and go. When people begin to see what’s possible, it’s going to get them very excited—like we are, like we’ve been.”

On repartiatring dollars

“I’d come up with a reasonable percentage. I’d make it required, not something where people say, “Well, I’ll just bring back X.” You get charged, and you can decide whether you want to bring it back or not. But you’re getting charged. That’s what I would do on the past stuff. On the future stuff, I’d come up with a really simple system. I would go for zero deductions. I wouldn’t allow any.”

The tax on international earnings is too high

“The issue is not that there’s a tax on international earnings. The issue is the existing tax has been crazy. No one would bring it back at a 40 percent—I mean, 35 percent federal and then state taxes. That’s the problem.”