Amazon 4Q16 Earnings Call Notes

Brian Olsavsky

Prime video usage doubled in 2016

“Sure. Well, ultimately, I’ll step back and say one of the main things we look out on Prime Video is customer usage patterns and in 2016 we had a doubling of Prime hours for video, music and reading. So we’re happy with the engagement that customers have.”

We are always looking to not be beat on price

” We are always looking to not be beat on price. We want to offer the best options to customers and we saw a lot of great response from customers this holiday season. I think we would be a very trusted holiday partner particularly as you get closer to the holiday.”

Continuing to grow square footage in fulfillment centers

“We will continue to invest in FCs. The comparable I’ll give you is that I won’t forecast 2017, but the 20% growth in square footage that we saw in 2015 was followed by 30% square footage increase in 2016. That generally went to service that 40% growth in units, in AFN units. It also included some of the additional logistics delivery stations and all, too. ”

Tens of thousands of developers are building new skills for Alexa

“We’ve added 4,000 skills to Alexa since I last spoke to you in October and we’re working with a lot of major companies as they add abilities, too, for our customer base to use the Alexa or the Echo to reach them. Tens of thousands of developers are building new skills for Alexa. So, the skills addition should continue. And just as importantly, tens of thousands of developers are also using the Alexa Voice Service to help integrate Alexa into their products, which then creates a great network effect.”

Adding more Amazon bookstores

“Probably more advanced and further along are the Amazon Bookstores. We have three physical stores; Seattle, San Diego, and Portland right now. We see adding five more this year. So we’re still in that phase where we’re testing and learning and getting better, even on the bookstore. I would say there’s other things that are physical in nature, the pop-up stores and college pickup points that we learn from as well, and think creates a great value particularly at the college pickup points.”

Very early for us in the advertising space

“it’s very early in the advertising space. But what our goals there are to be helpful to customers and enhance their shopping and viewing experiences, mostly with targeted recommendations. We think that is a good strategy rather than invasive things that take away from the shopping experience. I would say Sponsored Products is off to a great start. I find it a very effective way for advertisers to reach interested customers. We also, on video, have not added much in the way of advertising yet. There’s some pre-roll as we call it. But for the most part, we like the progression. We are balancing customer experience with advertising at all times and we like the team that’s working on it.”