Alcoa 4Q15 Earnings Call Notes

Klaus Kleinfeld

Expecting 8-9% growth in aerospace in 2016

“We believe that aerospace in 2016 is going to grow 8% to 9%. The large commercial aircraft segment we believe shows a growth — will show a growth of 15%. The ramp-up increases off these large-volume platforms like the 320 and the — the 320, the A350 and the 787.”

Also continue to be positive on auto

“Let’s start with North America. Detroit Auto Show, I mean some of you have certainly followed today, I mean an equally very, very positive picture. We believe the growth is going to continue 1% to 5%. We project for this year the record sales in the last year of 5.8% year to date. Light trucks are leading it. It’s been the highest number of penetration in the mix with 61.2%. And in this segment, the F150 is the bestselling pickup. That’s obviously very, very good.”

William Oplinger

Chinese fundamentals are solid

“We see that fundamentals are solid. Klaus I believe mentioned that we continue to expect a 6% growth in aluminum. Demand is on track to double between 2010 and 2020. Chinese consumption continues to be strong at 8% and North America will surpass Europe as the largest region of demand outside of China, delivering growth of 5%.”