Accenture FY 1Q15 Earnings Call Notes

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10% Revenue growth

“We delivered new bookings of $7.7 billion in line with our expectations. We grew revenues 10% in local currency gaining significant market share. We delivered outstanding earnings per share of $1.29 a 12% increase“

Our energy clients are just watching right now not panicking

“As we speak and we comment almost as of today, we’ve not yet seen any form of significant impact in our business with what’s happening. I believe that these big organizations in energy, oil and gas are just watching the situation. It has been very volatile this last few weeks and I guess our clients in these companies are waiting a bit to understand whether there is going to be some form of stabilization and when you have some form of stabilization you can stop executing your strategy. But as we speak we’re not seeing any different pattern with our clients and I would characterize my dialog as being in a watching mode not panicking.

Very pleased with the US market

“I am pleased with what’s happening. I am extremely pleased with the sustainability of our performance in the United States. It is very important it is the largest market of Accenture and it is I would say the global market where things are happening in our industry.

This is where things are happening

“This is where things happening from a digital standpoint, from an innovation standpoint as well from a disruption standpoint from an energy standpoint we can comment all of this and it’s for us all goodness that we are doing so well in the U.S.