Yahoo 1Q13 Earnings Call Notes

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$YHOO Earnings Call Notes

“Our long-term success will be defined by a series of sprints. We’re reaching the end of the first sprint. The first phase was all about getting people to believe in Yahoo!, making Yahoo! a really terrific place to work and contribute and getting the organization fit.

Now, our focus will shift to the next sprint which is all about building beautiful products and executing well against our business strategy. This will lead to greater user engagement, increased revenue and ultimately growth. The first sprint, focus on talent has positioned us to step up our cadence in product development and develop more beautiful and engaging user experiences in 2013 and beyond.”

“Our attrition rate for top talent is essentially half of what it was just a year ago.”

“companies with the best talent win, and it’s clear we’re now back in the game.”

“Yahoo! is a consumer Internet company. And the consumer Internet is a growth industry. I want to be very clear; we are committed to growing our core business, first in line with the industry and ultimately surpassing it.”

“we’ve been focused on revamping our biggest products and properties, building great new experiences optimized for smaller screens.”

“I would just add, we are manically…focused on revenue growth and what things we need to do to drive and ensure we have accountability for our revenue growth.”

“I did an exercise at one point where I pulled all of what people do on their phones ordered by frequency. And with the few key deletions largely what carriers provide in the form of voice and text, and possibly maps, we – the list goes like this. Check e-mail, check the weather, check news, get sports scores, play games, share photos, group messaging, get financial information. And when you listen to that lists, not only is that in order of frequency what people do on their phones, it also has almost an exact correlation to Yahoo!’s business and our product line.”