Williams Sonoma 1Q17 Earnings Call Notes

Laura Alber – President & CEO

Amazon coming into the furniture market

“Great. There is more competition coming in, particularly at the low end and there is still the big box retailers who have been offering furniture for a lot of years and we’ve just learned that Amazon is going to come into the furniture business. We believe that actually Amazon will take more market share from the mass retailers than anyone else; and we will continue to carve out our specialty niche with our edited inspirational assortment and decorating ideas for our customers. We know that our stores are a competitive advantage because they are experiential and they are the first expression of our brands and as I just said it earlier, we offer our shoppers an integrated experience across channels and our retail stores help drive e-commerce sales. Retail traffic is down nine, we all read those numbers; our traffic is down a lot less and we believe there is a huge interaction between our online and our stores obviously, and we’re going to continue to maximize that opportunity. So I’d say that yes, it’s definitely competitive, we don’t see the promotional environment going away and as Julie said, we see a lot of people liquidating a lot of inventory; and we believe that we are going to outperform because of our sustainable profitable model”