White Wave Foods at Barclays Conference Notes

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Our brands are on trend

“WhiteWave’s leading brands’ strong growth rate are supported by strong secular trends with consumers increasingly focused on health, convenience and a simple wholesome ingredient list, all in support of a longer healthier lifestyle. People look for quality ingredients, transparency and brands that they can trust. As consumers give more and more thought to the food choices they make for a healthy lifestyle, our brands meet their growing preferences for foods that are nutritious, great tasting, convenient, and responsibly produced. We believe these trends will endure and will support the significant growth and development of our brands and our categories well into the future”

Customers increasingly see plant based foods as better for you and our planet

“Consumers increasingly see plant-based foods and beverages as better for you and better for the planet. Our plant-based beverages are all non-GMO, gluten-free with fewer calories and fat, no cholesterol, less sugar and carbs, and contain more vitamin D and calcium than conventional dairy milk. Moreover, if you were to compare the production of plant-based beverages with the production of dairy milk, you would find that plant-based alternatives take four times less land, 79% less water, and produce 57% less greenhouse gases than the dairy equivalent. These items are increasingly as important, as space and resource become more limited and people focus on the nutritional and environmental impacts of what they consume”