Wells Fargo’s (WFC) 3Q17

Tim Sloan – President and Chief Executive Officer

The scandal continues to have an impact

“There is a little bit of impact on some municipalities they have put us on probation or just said they are not going to use as much for a period of time. Though we had some municipalities that have taken us off that because we’ve executed on everything we said we are going to execute over the last year….I can’t commit to you Matt that we’ve finished everything because things are still in progress but we are very far along but I think it’s also important to reinforce — our review of all of our policies, procedures, practices is going to continue for a long time meaning that we got to continue to ask more of ourselves everyday”

John Shrewsberry – Chief Financial Officer

On rates

“…the benefit from higher rates increased average loan yields 5 basis points in the quarter, the seventh consecutive quarter of increasing loan yields…We’ve not made material changes in rates paid on consumer and small business banking deposits within our retail bank with the majority of our peers also holding these rates steady. We have implemented some incremental deposits repricing for commercial and wealth and investment management customers as market rates have increased.”