Wal-Mart Stores’ (WMT) at Robert W Baird Conference

Targeting different audiences

“the way I think about it is really there is two main sites in Jet and Walmart, both mass sites going after different audiences, but sharing the same back end. So we get leverage on the retail teams, on the logistics. But from a consumer standpoint, we get access to more customers. We are sort of able to now push Jet more premium, going after the higher income urban customer, which is not the typical Walmart.com shopper and Walmart.com with everyone else.”

More  focused on organic growth

“We are really focused on organic growth. We have got store number eight, where we are incubating start-ups that are ring-fenced with the store organization. We are building that from scratch. We will be partnering with folks, but primarily organic.”

Conversational commerce is the future

“I think in order to think about the future, you have to kind of look to the past a little bit and make sure you are looking through the right lens….I think two big areas. One is conversational commerce with the advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning.  It won’t be long before you are able to have a much richer experience and talk in a very conversational way, where you have the – you are talking to as much an expert in a particular product category like you would if you walked into a specialty retailer and talk to the expert on the floor. ”

Laser focused on offering unique value

“it’s really just about getting more customers to shop with you and have them come back more often and buy more when they do. And that’s what we saw in Q1. We saw a lot more new customers come in. We saw existing customers shop more frequently and buy more. So at the end of the day, comes down to the value proposition that you offer customers….that’s where we are maniacally focused right now.”