Volkswagen Analyst Day March 2013

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We delivered 9.3 million vehicles worldwide, 1 million more than the year before

The Volkswagen brand beacon has never shined so brightly. This is demonstrated by some 5.7 million vehicles we delivered worldwide, an increase of more than 600,000 compared to 2011.

Bentley impressively defended its leadership position in the luxury segment. Deliveries increased by more than 20% to 8,500 vehicles

Everything about Lamborghini is extreme, including its growth. Deliveries grew by 30% last year to more than 2,000 vehicles

Audi is staying in the fast lane in the race to the top of the premium segment. Last year, this brand delivered nearly 1.5 million vehicles

Porsche has become an indispensable part of the Volkswagen family within just a short period of time. The brand is recording more dynamic growth than ever before as a member of our group. Full year deliveries topped 140,000, a new record

The overall market for a commercial vehicles is likely to remain at last year’s low level in 2013. The global passenger car market is only expected to grow slightly. In Europe and Germany, the situation remains strained. The United States, by contrast, the upward trend is continuing. And China remains a reliable growth engine even though it has deliberately scaled back its growth rate.

The global automobile market could grow to more than 100 million vehicles in the period up to 2018.

first of all, you know that we take all competitors seriously, not just Toyota and Hyundai. There are many others, enough others around the world. Yes, Toyota has come back, and I think I’ve always said that the biggest mistake would be to underestimate a competitor, above all, Toyota. So I therefore, would like to say that we will continue to take Toyota very seriously. We also take Hyundai, Kia very seriously. The growth of these Korean brands is considerable. Their vehicles have become much better.

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