Verizon 4Q16 Earnings Call Notes

Verizon Communications (VZ) Q4 2016 Results

Matt Ellis

We’re making investments on a 10 year horizon so it doesn’t matter who’s in office

“In terms of your second question, so look there is a lot of changes going on in DC right now. Obviously yesterday we saw the announcement that as you mentioned G pie and so that may have a number of impacts across the regulatory space but I think it’s just too soon to tell exactly where we are going to be. We look forward to working with the regulators for the CFCC or others. The other thing I would mention though you think about that we make investments for many years given the nature of the business that we are in. and our investment are focused on just who happens to be in office today. We make an investments so that for 10 plus years and I think our records stands for itself irrespective whoever the administration is run by and the regulatory regime they were effective and that will be continued to be how we focus on our investment. So I will say we look forward to working with the new administration and the new leadership and the FCC and we expect to continue to be competitive in whatever we environment we are operating.”

We’ve got some commercial scale pilots of 5G under way

“Yes. Thanks Mike so let me start up with 5G, so look we had a good progress in 2016 as we discussed throughout the year. We had a number of technical trials and labs go trials which we completed and so we have now moved on to the next phase of that which is some of these commercial scale pilots that are getting on the way right now in about ten different locations around the country. So we are very excited about the opportunities of 5G brings. And we will see how those trials go and we look forward to sharing progress with you on those as we move forward throughout the year.”