UnitedHealth 1Q15 Earnings Call Notes

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Expecting double digit revenue and net income growth this year

“We are advancing our 2015 full year outlook, taking revenues to $143 billion, a $2 billion increase and a nearly 10% year-over-year growth pace. Net per share earnings advanced to a new tighter range of $6.15 to $6.30 per share and an 11% year-over-year gain at the upper end.”

Serving 1m more people

“The headline for UnitedHealthcare in the quarter is growth, growing organically to serve 1 million more people in the United States in the first quarter alone and 1.6 million more people year-over-year with notable strength this quarter in the seniors and commercial businesses.”

Medicare advantage rate increases did not keep pace with medical cost increases

“Two weeks ago CMS issued its final Medicare Advantage rate notice for 2016, while these rates will help provide some needed stability for seniors who continue to enroll in Medicare Advantage in record numbers, the rates simply did not keep up the pace of medical cost increases.”

Improving MLR is a driver of performance

“in terms of other profit contributors would be our performance on MLR and we expected to improve our MLR during this year as we said forth both in both the Investor Conference as well as on the fourth quarter call.

But we have clearly outperformed that this year as well. And I’d say that that’s due to the strength of the performance on several fronts mark clinical engagement strategies and our ability to manage medical cost”

The reason we bought Catamaran is that we needed scale

“the reason we bought and entered into this combination with Catamaran was because we needed to scale. We needed enhanced technology, we needed specialty and synchronization programs, we needed well grounded management team and as a result complementary business that same reasons that people want to do business with us, they have those same interest and that’s why we believe we really marry up really, really well with this new model.”

A lot of these clients are probably already clients

“overall we feel pretty good about this transaction but I think if you went back and you looked at what we do in OptumHealth, you would find that lot of these clients already clients of ours and they already work with us in various intervention and prevention and wellness programs.”