Under Armour 2Q15 Earnings Call Notes

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Our athletes teach us great lessons for business

“These three athletes have combined to teach us one incredibly valuable lesson that we need to think bigger. For Stephan Curry, Misty Copeland and Jordan Speith, being a great basketball player, principal Ballerina and PGA Golfer was rooted in their ability to see beyond to be prepared to not just be great but to be extraordinary, to plan and practice but also know when to take the risk. Our lessons out of this are incredibly relevant to this moment in time for the Under Armour brand.”

More than change how athletes dress, change how they live

“our athlete success pushes us to see beyond just maximizing the revenue opportunities in any given quarter. It forces us to think clearly about what we need to do better and how we need to organize to be more than just an American sports brand to go from changing the way athletes dress to changing the way athletes live.

Being aggressive, young and fearless can be a deadly combination

“there is a bigger takeaway for our company and all of this, we’ve learned from these athletes not only about the preparation it takes the great but the added level of commitment it takes to be truly special. All three of these athletes started as clear underdogs, they were able to put themselves in a position where their skills and focus enable them to transcender sport. All of them have proven as Jordan Spieth stated following his master’s victory when asked why he chose Under Armour. That being aggressive, young and fearless can be a deadly combination.”

Brand awareness doesn’t mean that you’re all of a sudden flooded with orders

“we’re proud of what that means but it’s not a one way ticket to all the sudden you’ve arrived but there is a lot of work for us to be done and there is a lot more one thing I learned a long time ago when I mean with the first time an Under Armour logo popped up on the front cover of a US Today’s sports page and I thought I was walking the office and the place to be flooded with orders it’s just not the way it goes.”

What an awesome quote

“And so brands are built on consistency, consistency is built in trust and trust is built in drops and is lost in buckets.”