Under Armour 1Q17 Earnings Call Notes

Kevin A. Plank – Under Armour, Inc.

13,000 points of distribution, competition has 23,000 points

“Yes. So as I mentioned a minute ago, we told you a while back that we had about 11,000 points of distribution, we were targeting roughly 13,000. So we’ve now hit that. As far as distribution goes, number one, it was important to me that when we announced expanded distribution that it was the same day that we announced being on Fifth Avenue and committing to building the greatest retail store in the world that will open in the middle of 2019.

So our commitment to being premium brand has never wavered or changed, but to compete at the levels where we want to run, we feel that we need to be the best and we feel like we need coverage and coverage is about some of the volumes that we can drive.

And again, where we talk about being in 13,000 points of distribution, it’s important to remind people that some of our key competition has more than 23,000 points of contribution in North America alone.”

We out of acquisition mode and into activation mode

“As far as additional distribution or anything there goes, we are completely, as I said, out of acquisition mode and in activation mode. The goal that we have is making all of our existing partners better, and this means doing a better job in the stores where we are. So you’re not going to hear of any additional big box opening happening in the United States for a very long period of time. We like the team that we have on the court. We like our distribution, and we think that we have a great, great opportunity there.”