Twitter at Barclays Conference Notes

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Twitter’s (TWTR) Management Presents at Barclays Global Technology Brokers Conference

Anthony Noto

Jack can change things that the rest of us wouldn’t be able to

“having Jack back is not just a function of pushing us and giving us license to drive things, but he can probably get away with changing things that the rest of us couldn’t, things like going from favorites to likes with hearts. And there has been talk about 140 characters being questioned now and things like that. And so it’s great to have a founder around that give cover for some of those changes.”

A trip down memory lane for the failed e-commerce holiday season

“Back in late ‘99 and 2000, the industry dubbed that holiday season as the e-holiday Christmas. And everyone was really articulating a view that consumers would go online and they would shop more online, because of the better value proposition than shopping in store. And that value proposition was a combination of better selection, better pricing, more convenience, you don’t have to go to the store, you can shop from home and then overall better information environment. And lo and behold everyone went online to shop in 2000 and the selection was probably better, the pricing was probably better, but they couldn’t deliver the product on time, the wrong product showed up, it showed up after Christmas, returns were challenging, the product was broken. And ultimately, the value proposition didn’t deliver. And in 2001, the number of people that shopped online went down. And it wasn’t ready for mass appeal, because it couldn’t deliver on its promise, on its value proposition.”

Focused on curation and relevancy

“I would say there are two dimensions that we are focused on that would help satisfy both of those use cases. One is curation and one is relevancy versus recency.”