Twitter 4Q15 Earnings Call Notes

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Twitter’s (TWTR) CEO Jack Dorsey on Q4 2015 Results

Twitter is a second screen

“Twitter has always been considered a second screen for what’s happening in the world. And we believe we can become the first screen for everything that’s happening right now. And by doing so, we believe we can build the planet’s largest daily connected audience. A connected audience is one that watches together, and can talk with one another in real-time. That’s what twitter is provided for close to 10 years now, and it’s what we will continue to drive in the future.”

2016 is a year of recruiting

“2016 is definitively going to be a year of additions. My primary focus is on recruiting. And recruiting more to our leadership team, we’ve had some major wins with Omid joining our company and Leslie our CMO. Around the restructuring of the leadership team, we’ve been thinking about this for a lot and looking for opportunities to consolidate some strengths in areas around the company.”

Had an integrated campaign across TV and performance based advertising

“We’ve learned two important things in the fourth quarter. It was the first time we had an integrated campaign across both television advertising, as well as performance-based advertising. On the television advertising side of the equation, that has a longer impact, but we were able to really deliver a very clear messages that moments was a new way for people to use Twitter and to get the best of Twitter in instant.”

Moments is a fantastic way to tell a story

“Moments is proven to be a fantastic way to tell a story. This is a collection of tweets in chronological order. We are seeing a lot of positive activity with Moments in the timeline and people tweeting Moments. When a Moments is in a tweet, it’s opened with higher than average click-through, which is really awesome. So we want to focus a whole lot more energy on enabling people to tweet out Moments, but also more people to create these Moments as well. But it all goes back to that focus on the timeline and making the timeline better and better and better and better.”

We’re valuing live and fast

“Absolutely, and thank you for the question. So we do have those focus around live, because we do think that’s the easiest way to explain more of the logged out audience experience around Twitter, the very easy way to see the value instantly, and we will continue to push our marketing efforts under Leslie now to make sure that we’re showing that value fast.”

I’ve set up a structure that works for me balancing two companies

“So I have set up a structure that is working very well for me, so that I can spend meaningful time at both companies, and I have enough flexibility in the schedule. So that if there is something that needs more attention at one company, I can devote that attention, and I’m always connected to the leadership teams at both companies non-stop.

So we have a structure that allows me to see what’s happening in the week, we set off the week together at both companies and we have checkpoints. And then the balance of my time is really spent on recruiting, that is going to be the number one focus for me and that’s where we’re going to show a lot of momentum at Twitter is recruiting.”

Looking to add key people to the board

“We’re looking to add to the Board and part of that recruiting effort is also to our Board. We’d like to move fast on this. And we are looking for a public company experience, significant financial experience, international policy experience, and also media experience. ”

We are focusing on products

“we are focusing a lot of our energy on refining the core products, and looking at what is confusing about the service. What is inhibiting growth?”

Anthony Noto

Ad load is up but driven by demand

“Sure, ad load has increased meaningfully since the beginning of the year. And it’s been driven by international ad load increasing more than domestic ad load. Our domestic ad load has also increased. That said, while we have increased ad load, we’ve increased it, because of demand. We’ve benefited from tremendous growth in a number of advertisers and spend per advertiser throughout 2015.”