Twitter 3Q15 Earnings Call Notes

300m MAUs

“We continue to grow the number of people who use Twitter, now totaling 320 million monthly active and 307 million excluding SMS Fast Followers.”

Smaller nimbler teams

“As part of this focus we made a decision to reduce our workforce by about 8%. While this decision was difficult, we strongly believe we can move faster with this new org structure and smaller nimbler teams.”

Moments re-reverses the chronological timeline

“Moments represents a real fundamental shift in our thinking and the reason why is a lot of Twitter is organized by a reverse chronological timeline. We make people do a bunch of work to find the right accounts to follow and then they actually see the world through those accounts. What Moments does is you can open it up, you can actually see everything that’s happened in the world, that’s most meaningful, it’s organized by topics, so you see topics first. You tap in to each one of those Moments and you can actually see really unique insight and commentary on the particular event that you’re interested in.”

Need to roll out measurement tools for advertisers

“The biggest opportunity in the near-term I believe is on the measurement side. For five years we just haven’t had any third-party measurement and attribution. I talked a little bit about some of the reasons why. It was hard for or almost impossible for third-party measurement attribution systems to measure mobile in-app activity accurately and connected downstream to the conversion.”

Conversations with CMOs have never been stronger

“Our conversations with agencies and also with CMOs have never been stronger. They also look at us as a strategic partner and not just the media partner and that’s really important, whereas other people just come in and talk about ad inventory or their scale. We can come in and talk about that and certainly now showing an audience size both on Twitter and across the network of over 700 million people, but we also come with analytics and insights, things around customer service or comps and PR, all these things that feed into the marketing engines of each one of these companies.”

People tune into Twitter when they are watching TV and vice versa

“We’ve seen great traction in terms of historically when people are watching TV, they also are tuning into Twitter, sometimes exclusively into Twitter. When people are having a conversation about a TV program, it will increase the chance that people turn into linear television. ”

Make twitter easier for people to understand and to tweet

“what you’ll see from us is against two themes and this is going forward, which is really how do we make Twitter even easier to understand for more people, so that we continue to see more of that usage, people can bring it up and see everything that’s happening in the world immediately. But also how do we get more power to people who are using it to tweet. And that’s not just Twitter but also our properties like Vine and Periscope. How we giving creators more tools to be more creative and to express themselves in a different way”