Twitter 2Q15 Earnings Call Notes

stumbles are unacceptable and we’re not happy about it

“product initiatives we’ve mentioned in previous earnings calls like instant timelines and logged out experiences have not yet had meaningful impact on growing our audience or participation. This is unacceptable and we’re not happy about it.”

We need to do three things to right the ship

“Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a chance to get a deeper understanding of where I need to focus our team. We need to do three things. One, we need to ensure a more disciplined execution. Two, we need to simplify our service to deliver Twitter’s value faster. And three, we need to better communicate our value.”

What should you expect twitter to be?

“You should expect Twitter to be as easy as looking out your window to see what’s happening. You should expect Twitter to show you what’s most meaningful in the world to live it first before anyone else and straight from the source. And you should expect Twitter to keep you informed and updated throughout your day.”

MAUs grew just 12% y/y

“We reached 304 million MAUs in Q2, excluding SMS Fast Followers, compared to 302 million MAUs in Q1 for a growth rate of 12% on a year over year basis. Total average monthly active users, which as a reminder includes SMS Fast Followers, reached 316 million for the quarter, reflecting year over year growth of 15%.”

Twitter remains too difficult to use

“we have not delivered on meeting the new potential user’s expectations of Twitter when they try the product. Simply said, the product remains too difficult to use. As Jack mentioned, we need to simplify the product so everyone get value from Twitter faster. In short, we have not communicated why people should use Twitter, nor made it easy for them to understand how to use Twitter. This is both a product issue and a marketing issue.”

Ad load 1/3 of potential

“ad load, as measured by total ad impressions divided by total tweet impressions is approximately one-third of what we see as the long-term potential.”

Slowing growth rate in users, constrains ad supply growth

“because our growth rate in users is slowing quite dramatically. We’re giving you a sense in our load factor that there are scenarios where we can have a significant increase in daily revenue demand and specific mix shift towards one particular type of ad category. And if that happens, we could be more constrained than we have been in the past from a supply standpoint.”

The number one reason people don’t use Twitter is because they don’t know why they need it

“The number one reason from our market research that users don’t use Twitter because they don’t understand why to use Twitter. They don’t understand the value that Jack and I both talked about and we need to clearly communicate what that value is.”

We don’t have any update on the CEO search

“I know this is a trending topic on Twitter around the CEO search, but unfortunately we do not have an update to provide today. The search committee does feel the urgency of the search, but it is doing its work to make sure that we arrive at the best answer. And we’ll have updates when there is something meaningful to share. My focus is entirely on raising the bar of our execution and making sure that we’re focused on the right things. And as I said in my prepared remarks, it’s really around simplifying our service and making sure that people can get in and get to the value of Twitter faster and in a more immediate way”

Need to allow our teams to “ship product” faster

“focus has to be around not just particular individuals, but the best team dynamic. And great teams love shipping products to people who will use them on a daily basis And our focus is entirely around making sure that we unblock our team from shipping products faster, in a better way..So we definitely need to do a better job in ensuring an execution discipline to allow for people, enable people to ship faster. And I think our shipping cadence has improved over the past six months and we will continue to show improvements there.’

We need to provide a graceful entrance for people to get value from Twitter

“We need to make sure that we provide a really graceful and unfolding path to get to more value faster for anyone that comes into the service. And that means they don’t have to consider what Twitter is, they just have to consider what they are there for.”