Toronto Dominion 2Q14 Earnings Call Notes

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So much uncertainty

“As I look ahead, I am struck by how much uncertainty we still face. Recent political events are creating headwinds for banks all over the world, interest rates are dropped back down, and expectations for our normalization in rates have been pushed further into the future, and along with them the revenue upside we will reap as a result of our deposit-rich balance sheet”

Good management teams leading sound business models adapt

“One of the most enduring lessons of my career has been that good management teams leading sound business models adapt.”

Management change

“As you know, I am here until the end of the fiscal year. This is my last quarterly call. So I’m going to take this opportunity to say my own thank yous.”

Some positive signs in mortgages

“On mortgages, it’s tough. It feels like fits and starts. The growth has improved a bit but originations are up 15% versus last quarter but they are down 70% versus last year. So that gives you a sense. My sense on mortgages is that there are some positive signs emerging, you’re seeing pending home sales up, applications are up, the percentage of people who say they want to purchase a home is up. And if you look at the estimates from Fannie and Freddie and the Mortgage Bankers Association, they are up quite strongly, sort of 13% to 25% for purchase volumes, but they are quite pessimistic on refis.”