TJX 3Q14 Earnings Call Notes

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August and September were pretty damn strong, October was weak November bounced back

“August and September for Marmaxx were pretty damn strong. October, when we saw that extreme warm weather, we got hit pretty hard. It came back very strong opening November. And Europe, again we’re seeing Europe turn as soon as November’s weather start to get a little bit cooler across the board and more consistent. So we’re feeling pretty good about our start.”

You’re always going to have some weather impact throughout the year

“we know last year that we ran into December, we had pretty strong comps and January was very dismal. So we think there’s certainly an opportunity there. But I think in the aggregate year-over-year by time you finish the year, there’s going to be some impact. But I don’t look at it by month; I look at it by how is the year.”

Doing a little more social media

“In the United States and Marmaxx, we’re doing a little bit more social media. So we’re changing it up a bit.”

We’re excited about home goods

“I don’t think there’s anybody that does business the way HomeGoods does. And I think they are so global in their sourcing and so unique, their turns are just insane. And it’s a brand that everybody loves and I think it’s got a long runway…I just think it’s an amazing group that executes very well, and we have created an extremely exciting brand. So we all love it. And that’s all we hear. I have to stop telling l people I can’t put a HomeGoods near their house.”