Tesla 1Q13 Earnings Call Notes

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“our suppliers have really done some impressive work on cost reduction. And for some others that they just didn’t believe that we do these numbers. So they didn’t quite tool up for this level of production, because they’re in total predictions were that we would do in some cases 3,000 over the entire lifetime of the product. We did that last quarter, so they can’t believe that those things – that these projections are real and they actually tool up and are able to deliver significant cost savings for our product supply”

“we actually expect probably most of our purchases long-term will be finance purchase’s which is actually normal for premium sedans, they’re majority financed. And in fact in our case, it might end up being a super majority because, I think that the best way to appreciate the savings you get from gasoline is to look at it on a monthly basis. In the U.S. you’ll maybe save $200 to $300 a month in gasoline relative to electricity cost if it’s your daily driver. In Europe obviously that number can be double; it can be maybe $500 a month if you’re driving because the cost of gasoline is twice as much. So, I think given that, I think we’ll see over time my guess is that it will be a super majority financed in one form or another. And I believe that also opens up the potential, before going to the car to a much broader — a much large number of people. And think if, like if our car was exclusively available for purchase and not via financing I think that maybe accessible to 1% or roughly 1 million U.S. households. As a financed product with the right financing, sort of fully optimized financing product I think it’s probably accessible to the top 10 million households. And then of course it depends on what percentage I have of those households will want to buy our car versus somebody else’s. But I do think that it’s long-term it’s primarily a financed product.”

“we haven’t really tried to push volume super hard yet, because I think you need to make sure that staff is in order and the car is being made as efficiently as it can be made before you try to push volume”

“I’m fairly certain we’ll be at 25% [gross margin] before the end of Q4.”