Nike (NKE) CFO Andy Campion Interview

Nike (NKE) CFO Andy Campion says the key ingredient to business success is a high performing team

“You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘it’s business, it’s not personal.’  That phrase makes absolutely no sense.  It’s a cliche that everyone uses.  It’s sort of absurd when you think about it, people actually are the ingredient to creating amazing results in business.  The reality is that it is business AND it’s personal.  You need to understand what motivates your team and how you can deliver on that.  You need to understand what people value, what their strengths are, and how you can enable them put their strength to use.  As a leader, you need to develop a personal relationship with your team.  As a leader, you’ve got to push yourself to develop those personal relationships.  And there’s something that’s even a little more powerful, what’s more powerful is when you push yourself to share that same dimension about yourself with the team.  When you’ve got members of the team that have a deep understanding of what motivates you.  And when you do that, the results are phenomenal, you get to a level of understanding and trust amongst your team which drives you to results even faster than you imagine.”



Source: Video Interview