Miscellaneous Quotes for Week to 9th June 2017

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IMF Deputy Managing Director Mitsuhiro Furusawa Asia leads on global growth “Asia continues to be the world leader in growth helped by stronger demand and accommodative policies. Nonetheless, the near-term outlook is clouded with significant uncertainties and risks…China’s rebalancing process … Continued

SALT Conference Notes

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Reade Griffith Founder of Polygon “It’s nice to hear people talking about Europe in a positive way. We’re really seeing growth in a broad way you haven’t seen in 5 or 10 years. The political risk in Europe is coming … Continued

Sohn Conference Quotes

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Courtesy of Fortune, Market Watch, Market Folly, and Zero Hedge Jeffrey Gundlach “The valuation of emerging markets is half the valuation of the S&P 500 when you look at things like price to sales, price to book…Europe is more popular, I … Continued

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