Retailer Square Footage Comparison

With some retail quarters starting to trickle in, I wanted to put together a comparison of some of the US’ largest multi-line retailers based on square footage.

It’s always amazing to think about just how large $WMT is compared to its competitors.  Partially because it has more international locations than the rest of its peers, it has nearly four times the amount of real estate that $TGT does: 1.1 Billion Square Feet!  That’s 39 square miles, or about 1.7x the size of Manhattan.

Even more amazing perhaps, the company generates a respectable $116 gross profit dollars per square foot on all that space.  That’s higher than everyone else on this list besides $COST and $JWN.  Costco and Nordstrom do a great job of generating gross profit relative to their size, but also have the highest valuations per square foot to go along with that.

Retail Square Footage Comparison


Sources: Most recent 10-k, Compustat Data