CIT at Morgan Stanley Conference Notes

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“what differentiates us from our competitors…

First, we have very long-term client relationships. We have clients, particularly in our Trade Finance business and our Vendor Finance business, who have been with us for 20 to 30 years, sometimes multigenerational. And so that engenders a great degree of client loyalty.

Second, we understand our clients’ businesses. We specialize in particular industries and sub-industries, groups, and we have deep knowledge and expertise in those businesses.

Third, we tend to deal with somewhat more complex transactions. Our deals tend to be somewhat smaller than some of the big banks. And because of the collateral requirements, the structuring of them tends to be more complicated. We’re also very client-focused. We pride ourselves on delivering on our commitments in a timely manner and we, as I said before, we have high-quality servicing, and also the management of our portfolio, the asset management of our portfolio is very important.”