Regal Entertainment at JPMorgan Conference Notes

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“the industry box office has been somewhere 10.2 and 10.8 billion every year.”

“a lot times what makes or breaks the box office in a given year is not those six or eight key tiles, it’s those titles that fill in around that.”

“if we have a real prime time show time, we will try to put that one either in our – one of our IMAX or RPX auditoriums or maybe in a 3-D auditorium and maybe schedule the 2D show 30 minutes later. But first and foremost, we do want to make sure our customers have a choice because the one thing we don’t want to do is lose a customer over that issue and again we will be suggestive about it but not heavy-handed.”

“Generally speaking for IMAX it’s about $150,000, IMAX takes care of the rest and obviously expects a share of the profit for that auditorium in return. For RPX auditorium it’s been running about $350,000 CapEx to convert an existing auditorium.”

“I think the industry as a whole recognizes that we need to continue to make sure we maintain the gap between the experience you get in a theater and the experience you get on your couch. And as a result I think we’ve had a lot of good innovations and a lot of good experiments in the industry in terms of customer amenities, expanded food menus at the concession stands”

“The digital conversion is starting to wind down from an equipment perspective, about 85% of the industry now is digital. But that likely means that in the not-too-distant future studios may look to completely exit the 35mm film business and stop making prints in 35mm. So those companies out there, the circuits out there who still have some 35mm projectors will have to make a decision.”