T-Mobile 2Q17 Earnings Call Notes

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John Legere

Verizon and AT&T are choking on their unlimited launches

“Amazingly, Verizon fell behind AT&T in terms of download speed. Both Verizon and AT&T are completely choking in the wake of their unlimited launches and have seen significant network slowdowns. Their networks just can’t take it. Meanwhile T-Mobile’s network has actually become even faster in download speeds and America’s best unlimited network just keeps getting better. As usual, we are just getting started. Our network expansion enables us to compete in every inch of the country now and in every segment of the market.”

Verizon’s network is significantly slowing down

“obviously Verizon has to do something as it relates to how they not just price unlimited, but how they deliver it, because their network and this isn’t just an attack, it’s an attack, but its data oriented attack. Their network is significantly slowing down, its choking on this and clearly the only explanation as to why they haven’t offered a Binge On type capability is because they don’t how. ”

Sprint is lucky to have Massa as an owner

” let’s remember that [indiscernible] is one of the richest, biggest dealmakers in the world and his moves are significantly tracked and I dare any of you to dissect when he is working on vision fund and when he is working on, the guy is one of the biggest players in the world. And what he has been doing makes sense. That’s Massa. It sprints very lucky to have him as an owner.”

Neville Ray

Never seen a megahertz we don’t like

You said brief, no questions. Well, clearly Walt never seen a megahertz we don’t like, right. That’s no network guys is going to say anything different. I mean I think for us the thing we keep forgetting is we have just closed on a massive investment in spectrum for this company. I mean John reference it earlier on, we came out with 45% of the proceeds of the Broadcast Incentive Auction, that increased our spectrum assets by just shy of 40% So we have a lot of spectrum to grow into as we continue to grow this business. We talked earlier on about the speed at which we are deploying 600 megahertz, so this isn’t spectrum that’s going to see the light of day three, 4 years from now as many would like to talk about or talked about pre the auction. This is spectrum that will be in customers’ hands with handsets before the end of this year.