Sysco FY 2Q17 Earnings Call Notes

Bill Delaney

It’s a little slower out there right now

“I think it’s been hard to really discern a consistent pattern on trends. The numbers for this quarter are a little off the first quarter, but not that much. I think we saw some things around the holidays that we think probably impacted a little bit. And I think I’ve got this right, I think October was a little slower and then early November was good and it kind of leveled out again. So it’s kind of up and down by weeks. Some of it’s the way the calendar falls for us this year with the coming off the 53-week year, but I would just tell you it’s a little slower out there right now, but I can’t tell you that we saw anything that was necessarily tied to the elections”

Joel Grade

Lapping fuel costs

” So we talked earlier about the fact that, in this quarter, we actually start to lap some of those results. And that, in fact, did happen. The last few quarters, I think we’ve talked about a roughly $0.04 impact on fuel price. And so, again, what we always focus on internally is managing to a flat cost per case ex-fuel. And, once again, in this quarter, we’ve done that.”